UG Project Students



Miss Shona Macfarlane


I am currently in my final year of my BSc Chemistry and Mathematics degree at the University of St Andrews.  For my current research project I am studying the formation mechanism of some novel morphologies of alpha Fe2O3.  I enjoy tennis, baking and listening to music.



Miss Katie Beadle


I am in my penultimate year of the Materials Chemistry (MChem) degree programme. For this project I am researching the non-classical crystal growth of zeotype SAPO-RHO under both Prof W. Zhou and Prof P. A. Wright. In my time outside of the lab I play violin in the St Andrews Chamber Orchestra, play korfball for the university and Scotland, and run long distance.


Miss Tingyu Kong


I am from Changsha, a hot city where people eat hot foods in southern part of China. I am currently in the sixth year in the UK and fourth year in St Andrews doing my BSc Chemistry degree. My current project is about microstructures of seashells, e.g., mussels, at different growth stages, how they grow and why they would grow in this way. In spare time, I love to get involved in drama, badminton, playing the piano and exploring cooking all kinds of food worldwide.