F202 (2004)


F202 (2004). Zeolite nanocrystals inside mesoporous TUD-1: A high-performance catalytic composite.

A hierarchically structured composite material with interconnecting meso- and mircopores has been developed with the aim to optimize zeolite performance. A general synthetic method has been developed that, in a controlled manner, allows for various types of nanosized zeolite to be incorporated into a three-dimensional mesoporous matrix. Nanosized zeolite beta was used to exemplify this new approach, resulting in a system in which zeolite beta shows a higher cracking activity per gram of zeolite than pure nanosized zeolite beta for the model feed n-hexane. [P. Waller, Z. Shan, L. Marchese, G. Tartaglione, W. Z. Zhou, J. Jansen, T. Maschmeyer, Chem. Eur. J. 10, 4970–4976 (2004)].