F200 (2004)


F200 (2004). Early stage crystal growth of Co nanoparticles.

HRTEM images of Co particles at different growth stages. (a) A small Co cluster on the Mg2SiO4 surface. (b) and (c) Spherical clusters of Co nanocrystallites. (d) HRTEM image of an edge area of a polygonal Co particle, showing a large domain of Co single crystal. (e) TEM image of a polygonal particle of Co. (f) A polygonal Co particle resulted from recrystallisation of two clusters originally located at the ends of two Mg2SiO4 branches. [S. H. Xie, W. Z. Zhou, Y. Q. Zhu, J. Phys. Chem. B 108, 11561–11566 (2004)].