F374 (2017)

F374 (2017). Growth mechanism of dendritic hematite via hydrolysis of ferricyanide.

The detailed process of the hydrolysis of ferricyanide into dendritic α-Fe2O3 (hematite) crystals with snowflake-like, feather-like, and leaf-like morphologies, by simply changing the concentration of ferricyanide, has been investigated. Highly selective adsorption and surface hydrolysis of [Fe(CN)6]3− anions on α-Fe2O3 crystals was found to be a crucial process in the formation of these novel morphologies. The newly established mechanism is complementary to the classical theories of crystal growth. [A. E. Green, C.-Y. Chiang, H. F. Greer, A. Waller, A. Ruszin, J. Webster, Z. Y. Niu, K. Self, W. Z. Zhou, Crystal Growth & Design, 17, 800–808 (2017).]

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